Tell the FDA to Save Antibiotics

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

This is the title of a recent article put out by the Human Health and Industrial Farming Campaign. Apparently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering a rule that could weaken already-lenient controls on the use of antibiotics in food animal production. Right now many industrial farmers use antibiotics to compensate for the squalor these poor animals live in. Overcrowded pens and unsanitary conditions lead to overuse of antibiotics already. We all know what overuse of these drugs eventually does - weakens our defenses against certain strains of bacteria and basically makes them pointless. So, what can we do... Make your voice heard: Write a letter. If you follow the above link it will tell you what to do. Buy smart: Buy grass-fed, free range, antibiotic-free poultry, livestock and their respective products, eggs and milk. Yes, they are more expensive, but the benefits outweigh the ingestion of antibiotics on a possible daily basis. Go Meatless: You can cut down on your grocery bill, and get extra health benefits, if you have two vegetarian dinners per week. Take Probiotics: A good probiotic can provide many health benefits, including digestive support and immune support