Fish Oils May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

New information came out today that women who regularly take fish oils may have a lower risk of breast cancer! Wahoo! The study was on 35,000 women who were part of a larger study looking at different supplements and health. When the researchers looked at the women who took the fish oil supplements, they found they had a 32% reduced risk of breast cancer, which appeared to be restricted to invasive ductal breast cancer, the most common type. Researchers cautioned that fish oil supplements should not be taken for reducing breast cancer risk, and have issued a statement that "without confirming studies...we should not draw any conclusions about a causal relationship." The study was "observational" only, and not a randomized trial that compared the use of fish oil with a group not using fish oil and the effect on cancer rates.

I think this is another reason to take a good quality Omega 3. Keep in mind that diet, exercise and genetics play huge roles in breast cancer and must be considered as well.