Practitioner Brands

Practitioner brands are respected by physicians and healthcare practitioners because of the clinical research that has been conducted, and the quality, purity, and effectiveness of the ingredients.

Why Some Practitioner Brands are Restricted

Some specialty and practitioner-brand nutritional supplements require individuals to have access to adequate professional advice before buying. Typically these brands are sold only in healthcare practitioners' offices. Having an expert nutritional team allows us to carry many top, hard-to-find practitioner brands including Xymogen, Metagenics, Thorne, Nordic Naturals’ professional line, and more.

Many of these top-quality manufacturers require screening of customers to ensure that purchases of their products are handled with extra care, and that you have access to professionals familiar with the products. Please contact Village Green with any questions you have regarding these brands. Our on-staff nutritional consultants are here to help.

Internet Pricing Policies

Some practitioner-brand products have a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy. These policies may prohibit us from discounting their products on our website. If you have a question regarding price for any of our supplements, please contact us or call us at 800-869-9159.

How to Gain Access to Restricted Practitioner Brands

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Restricted Practitioner Brands include: