Village Green’s Pharmacy

Founded in 1965, our full-service pharmacy has safely provided prescription drugs for over 50 years. Our pharmacists have significant knowledge of nutrition and alternative medicine, drug-nutrient interactions, and drug-herb interactions – information that most pharmacists cannot provide. We can also advise you about nutrient depletions related to particular drugs, as well as other side effects that can be mitigated by replacing key nutrients in the body that the drug depletes.

You can also use these handy charts as references:

Drug- Nutrient Interaction Chart Nutrient Depletion Chart

Village Green’s Custom Compounding Pharmacy

Village Green Apothecary specializes in custom compounding of vitamins, minerals and prescription drugs. Individualized compounds are prepared on orders from a nutritionist or physician, like a regular prescription, and offer several distinct advantages over mass-produced bottled products, such as:

  • Simplifying a nutritional program
  • Providing accurate, tailor-made dosages
  • Reducing the number of capsules needed daily
  • Giving more options for dosage forms such as liquids, creams, etc.
  • Elimination of non-natural fillers, binders, dyes and other possible allergens

Our compounds are of superior quality, easy to order, and most are covered by insurance plans. A custom compound normally takes 2-4 days to prepare.

Some physicians who regularly prescribe individualized compounds include OB/GYNs, family care doctors, allergists, pediatricians, and dermatologists. Veterinarians also use custom compounds for their pet patients. An interesting note: prior to mass production of drugs in the 1960s, most prescriptions required compounding by a druggist or apothecary.

Read more about Custom Compounding.

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