Custom Compounding

Village Green Apothecary has specialized in custom compounding of vitamins, minerals and prescription drugs for over 30 years. While most compounding pharmacies handle drugs, fewer handle nutrition solutions, and only a handful like Village Green have specially trained pharmacists that handle BOTH nutrition and drugs.

Individualized compounds offer some distinct advantages over mass-produced bottled products, such as:

  • Simplifying a nutritional program
  • Providing accurate, tailor-made dosages
  • Reducing the number of capsules needed daily
  • Giving more options for dosage forms such as liquids, creams, etc.
  • Elimination of non-natural fillers, binders, dyes and other possible allergens

Our compounds are of superior quality, easy to order, and many are covered by insurance plans. A custom compound normally takes 2-4 days to prepare.

Custom compounds are prepared on orders from a nutritionist or physician, like a regular prescription. Some physicians who regularly prescribe individualized compounds include OB/GYNs, family care doctors, allergists, pediatricians, and dermatologists. Veterinarians also use custom compounds for their pet patients.

An interesting note: prior to mass production of drugs in the 1960s, most prescriptions required compounding by a druggist or apothecary.

Compounding Options

These compounding options could be useful for your needs

  • Nutrition – Your current selection of vitamins and minerals can be compounded and simplified into just the right dosage and your preferred form (capsule, lozenge, liquid, cream, etc.).
  • Prescription Drugs – Your needs may require a compounded prescription free of dyes, preservatives and other allergens, in a custom strength or dose, and the best form for you.
  • Pain Management – Formulas can be tailored for pain and nausea, plus anti-inflammatory preparations for topical use.
  • Autism/ADHD – Patients with Autism Spectral Disorder including (ADHD) have special nutritional and pharmaceutical needs. Compounded therapies may be helpful in decreasing symptoms.
  • Dermatology – Topical and oral medications to treat acne, scars, psoriasis, eczema and other conditions can be individually tailored with precise medication dosages.
  • Pediatrics – Most new drugs on the market are manufactured for adults and not children; compounded medications can be made sugar-free, dye-free, modified for taste, or placed in child-sized capsules.
  • Veterinary – Use a custom compound to make medications easier to administer, provide the proper dosage for a specific animal, and make it more palatable.

Our Chief Compounding Pharmacist

Meet Ron Keech, R.Ph.
Ron has decades of experience as a compounding pharmacist, with a special interest in compounding for patients who have allergies to fillers, binders and dyes found in manufactured products. He also has extensive experience with pediatric compounds, many of which have helped seriously ill children going through transplant surgery, suffering from autism and other debilitating conditions. As an owner of rescue dogs and cat, Ron has taken courses on animal compounding, as well. He particularly enjoys the personal service involved with helping people address their unique health issues.

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