Support for Your Adrenals

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Are you in a stressful job? Or have you been going through a particularly stressful time in your life? Your adrenals can take a beating when this is the case, and a host of other problems can occur when your adrenals become fatigued. The main purpose of your adrenals is to enable your body to deal with stress from every possible source, ranging from injury and disease, to work and relationship problems. They largely determine the energy of your body's responses to every change in your internal and external environment. Whether they signal attack, retreat or surrender, every cell responds accordingly, and you feel the results. It is through the actions of the adrenal hormones that your body is able to mobilize its resources to escape or fight off danger (stress) and survive. It is also your adrenal glands' job to keep your body's reactions to stress in balance, so that they are appropriate and not harmful. For example, the adrenal hormone cortisol helps to minimize negative and allergic reactions (such as swelling and inflammation) to alcohol, drugs, foods, environmental allergens, cancer, infection, and autoimmune disorders. These hormones closely modulate the utilization of carbohydrates and fats, the conversion of fats and proteins into energy, the distribution of stored fat (especially around your waist and at the sides of your face), normal blood sugar regulation, and proper cardiovascular and gastrointestinal function. After mid-life (menopause in women), the adrenal glands gradually become the major source of the sex hormones circulating throughout the body in both men and women. These hormones themselves have a whole host of physical, emotional and psychological effects, from the level of your sex drive to your tendency to gain weight. Every athlete knows that steroids (adrenal hormones) affect muscular strength and stamina. However, an imbalance of these hormones can occur when the adrenals are overused and tired. The result can be weight gain, fatigue and disease. Nourishing and supporting adrenal health can be done through diet, lifestyle and supplements. Limiting alcohol, sugar and caffeine can benefit adrenal health, as can yoga and meditation. Supplementing with B vitamins can also be very beneficial, particularly pantethine. Pantethine is the biologically active form of pantothenic acid and the direct precursor to coenzyme A (CoA), one of the most important substances in energy and body metabolism. As such, it supports adrenal gland function. One such product that provides this support is Pathway Pantethine Plus. If you would like to learn more about having your adrenals tested, you can contact Naz at 1-800-869-9159 ext. 1019 for more information.