Supplement Like a Four-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

Posted on by Margo Gladding

Tennis icon Venus Williams recently shared some of her inside tips for keeping her healthy and strong while on the road. Beyond eating a balanced diet, which includes lots of greens and fiber, she says that prioritizing sleep and recovery time helps her mind and body work at its highest potential. And, because Venus says that she cannot afford to get sick, she always travels with her kit of must-have supplements. The tennis star’s regimen includes olive leaf extract, oregano oil, garlic, lysine, and vitamin C. As a nutritionist and herbalist, I think she has a great supplement protocol in place to support immune health. Traveling can expose us to a wide variety of nasty germs and illnesses. And, as we enter cold and flu season, taking supplements to boost immunity can make a powerful difference. Venus Williams did not give specifics as to the particular products or dosages that she takes. So, below are my recommendations to bolster your immune system. All of the supplements can be taken daily to help keep you healthy, and increased in times when acute support is needed. Olive Leaf Extract - Provides natural protection against bacteria, fungi, and parasites and has antioxidant properties. Oregano Oil – Supports a healthy microbial environment in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract. Garlic – Clinically shown to help ward off viruses, diminish the severity of cold/flu symptoms and shorten the duration of illness.
  • AlliMax Daily use: 1-2 capsules daily Acute use: 2 capsules three times daily
Lysine – Essential amino acid that has been shown to have antiviral properties and be particularly helpful in fighting cold sores (herpes outbreaks). Vitamin C – Arms cells against infections and provides antioxidant support to promote tissue health. If taking all of these supplements individually feels overwhelming, we have a lot of options for combination immune formulas. Feel free to call, email, or stop in additional recommendations. We are happy to help! Photo from here, with thanks.