Relax With Rhodiola

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

I recently came across a meme that resonated with me. It said, "It's almost time to switch from my everyday anxiety to my fancy holiday anxiety." Is this the case with you, too? Many of us feel the extra stress around this time of year and there are many ways that you can help ease some of that burden. Adaptogenic herbs can also help deal with some of the stress we experience in everyday life. One herb in particular is Rhodiola rosea. Adaptogenic herbs, or adaptogens, are herbs that help support the body's ability to accommodate varying physical and emotional stresses. Rhodiola contains two main compounds, rosavin and salidroside, which help provide the beneficial effects and are the main constituents studied in this herb. These extracts support healthy cortisol levels by assisting in the function of adrenal glands, allowing for a healthy response to physical and mental stress. Cortisol is a stress hormone and is the primary actor during the stress response. When we are constantly stressed, cortisol is constantly released and can result in negative health issues, such as weight gain, anxiety, heart health issues, insomnia and much more. As an adaptogen, rhodiola has been used to support the body’s overall performance and help balance the actions of our central nervous system. This balance prepares the body to manage energy and tension, as well as recharge and return to a relaxed state. Studies have shown that rhodiola may help stimulate the nervous system and aid in enhanced physical and mental performance. Research has also shown that it may help reduce mental and physical fatigue under stressful conditions by increasing the body’s energy levels. Rhodiola may help support good mental health by lifting mood, relieving anxiety, and supporting a healthy response to stress. Before taking any supplement, consult with a healthcare practitioner. You can also have your cortisol levels tested with an adrenal stress profile test. Photo from here, with thanks.