Plant-Powered Super Bowl: Tom Brady and Beyond Meat

Posted on by Neal Barnard, MD, FACC

We just witnessed a plant-powered Super Bowl LIII. NFL quarterback Tom Brady – who eats a primarily plant-based diet – brought the Patriots to the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year, this time taking on the Los Angeles Rams. By now, we know that the New England Patriots won their 11th Super Bowl, and quarterback Tom Brady now sports 6 Super Bowl rings. Tom's biggest power play may be tackling the myth that milk does the body good, by ditching the dairy. But Tom – whose former personal chef was featured on our Exam Room podcast – isn’t the only NFL player embracing a plant-based diet. Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan saw improvements in his performance and ability to recover after he began following a plant-based diet. Derrick also inspired teammates to eat more plant-based meals, which are prepared by his wife, Charity, who is a trained chef. In the latest episode of the Exam Room, she shares her Super Bowl recipe for plant-based spinach and artichoke dip. More and more athletes like Tom and Derrick are turning to the performance-boosting power of a plant-based diet. The science backs them up. A new scientific review by the Physicians Committee shows how plant-based athletes benefit from improvements in heart health, performance and recovery. If that’s not enough inspiration for fans to try a plant-based diet, maybe the first Super Bowl ad for a plant-based burger helped them tackle meat. Fast-food restaurant Carl’s Jr. will air an ad featuring the Beyond Burger. Perfect timing: The Physicians Committee’s clinical research team just published a study that found vegan burgers make men feel full longer than beef burgers. Photo from here, with thanks.