Foods You Think Are Healthy - But They Aren't

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Sometimes the food industry drives me nuts. Actually more than sometimes. I especially dislike when they try to “fool” consumers by spinning words to make foods sound healthy! For example, the other day I saw FAT FREE ORGANIC JELLY BEANS. Wow, doesn’t that sound great. They must be the best jelly beans and very good for me. Well,the truth is, all jelly beans are fat free, and although not all jelly beans can claim organic, they are all basically little balls of sugar that have absolutely no health benefit whatsoever. Or when cookies have a big fat FAT FREE sticker on the front, but in teeny print on the back, you can see they have more sugar, and probably some artificial ingredients to make up for the lost flavor. So when I read this great little article on, I thought it expressed my sentiments and would give people an idea of how sneaky claims can be. It outs seven common, everyday foods that people are led to believe are nutritious, but really aren’t. Please take a few minutes to read Seven Foods You Think Are Healthy But Aren't.