First Aid Kit for Traveling With Kids

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

We travel a lot. In the summer we head to the cottage every weekend (4 hours away to a remote Northern Ontario location), and we also make annual trips to somewhere warm. With two kids, it is important to have on hand a first aid kit that includes items that you are going to need in case of emergencies. We came to this realization when our oldest cut his hand and we didn’t even have polysporin (and neither did the little market that supplies everything for cottage country). Joe’s hand ended up fine after being washed with clean water and applying polysporin, which we found at a neighbor's house. Lesson learned: be prepared. Here is a list of items that I believe every parent/caretaker should have on hand for those moments when a local health food store/pharmacy isn’t available.
  • first-aid manual
  • sterile gauze pads of different sizes
  • adhesive tape
  • adhesive bandages in several sizes
  • elastic bandage
  • a splint
  • antiseptic wipes
  • soap
  • antibiotic ointment
  • antiseptic solution (like hydrogen peroxide)
  • hydrocortisone cream (1%)
  • acetaminophen and ibuprofen
  • extra prescription medications (if the family is going on vacation)
  • tweezers
  • sharp scissors
  • safety pins
  • disposable instant cold packs
  • calamine lotion
  • alcohol wipes or ethyl alcohol
  • thermometer
  • plastic non-latex gloves (at least 2 pairs)
  • flashlight and extra batteries
  • a blanket
  • mouthpiece for administering CPR (can be obtained from your local Red Cross)
  • your list of emergency phone numbers
Now, I know that is a lot. But it’s better to be prepared than not to have it. I also add the following to items to my kit:
  • Arnica montana 30C (homeopathic remedy indicated for trauma and bruising)
  • Ledum pelsutre 30C (homeopathic remedy indicated for puncture wounds)
  • Aloe vera gel (topical for burns)
  • Benadryl - children’s (for allergic reactions)
  • Probiotics (good for stomach upset)
  • Pedialyte or Emergen-C for kids (to prevent dehydration if vomiting and diarrhea occur)
Keep in mind that these are for emergenices. I like to deal with general stomach issues and allergies on a more wholistic level, but if your child starts to swell up after being bit by a bug, for example, a dose of Benadryl can help ease the allergic reaction until you get him or her to a doctor. Happy travels and stay healthy!