Custom Compounding at Village Green Apothecary

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Village Green Apothecary specializes in custom compounding of vitamins, minerals and prescription drugs. These individualized compounds are prepared on a nutritionist's or physician's orders, like a regular prescription, and offer several distinct advantages over mass-produced bottled products, such as:

  • simplifying a nutritional program
  • providing accurate, tailor-made dosages
  • reducing the number of capsules needed daily
  • typically costing less than multiple individual capsules
  • elimination of non-natural fillers, binders, dyes and other possible allergens.

Our compounds are of superior quality, easy to order and most are covered by insurance plans. A custom compound normally takes 2-4 days to prepare.

Some physicians who regularly prescribe individualized compounds include OB/GYNs, family care doctors, allergists, pediatricians, veterinarians, and dermatologists. An interesting note: prior to mass production of drugs in the 1960s, most prescriptions required compounding by a druggist or apothecary.