Look Like An Athlete, Train Like An Athlete

Posted on by Scott O'Dell

My fitness philosophy is best summed up with the following statement: If you want to look like an athlete, then train like an athlete. I take philosophies used by the top athletes in the world and put them into a systematic approach that is transferable to the general population and is delivered from our sports performance philosophy to train for power. I have enjoyed great success with people of all ages from teenagers to those in their 70s. My goal is for the general population to be able to stimulate the same hormones, develop the same stability and balance, build as much bone density, achieve as much coordination, and maintain as low a body fat percentage as the world’s top athletes. You will find that these exercises are much more applicable to your daily life than many of the other “fitness” programs out there. The exercises used are backed by research as more effective for building joint stability, coordination, bone density, and burning more calories. I also believe in building muscular strength by using the same set and repetition strategies that are used by the world's top athletes. The stronger your muscles are, the more weight you can perform while lifting weights, thereby burning more calories and continuing to build more muscular strength. With more muscular strength you will notice your body is able to perform better, in turn making your everyday tasks easier. You will also be able to perform your cardio exercises at higher levels, thereby burning more calories while performing cardio. Using my principles of applying athletic training to fitness will also stimulate more of the hormones that are responsible for fat loss.

The difference between how males and females react to weight training is in their natural hormones. Due to hormonal differences, males can react to weight training by putting on muscle mass and losing fat; females, on the other hand, will be much more prone not to put on muscle mass, but to get “fit,” “firm,” and “toned.” Training with this philosophy will stimulate, for both males and females, maximum bone density gains and functional strength for your everyday tasks. Gains in bone density, muscle mass, tendon and ligament size and strength can cause an increase in lean body mass, which outweighs fat. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight, the scale is not a good idea to follow as you can put on lean body mass while also losing fat. I have had clients lose dress sizes without losing pounds.

The body should be trained to perform better; the better the body performs, the better the body looks and the healthier it is. The bottom line: would you rather have the same body fat levels as the men and women running the 100m in the Olympics or would you rather have the same body fat levels as the typical people at the gym, who are getting nowhere doing all of the wrong things they have been misguided to do? The choice is simple.