Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Village Green's Blog

Posted on by Village Green Admin

Today we have an anniversary to celebrate. Today, April 17, 2019, marks exactly 10 years since we published our very first Village Green blog post. This blog was the brainchild of Paula Gallagher, one of our excellent, long-time nutritionists. We owe Paula a great deal of thanks, first for coming up with this idea on how to provide a broader educational resource for our customers, and then for her work to carry it through, involving plenty of dedication, steadfastness, knowledge, insights and ideas. The original purpose of this blog was to try and keep people informed about new and exciting things happening in the health and wellness industry. Paula answers many of our Ask the Expert questions that come in from our customers and others, and recognizing that these questions may have a broader appeal, she has used these opportunities to let more people know about various topics of the day. Paula also stays on top of new research and scientific studies in order to let us know about interesting new findings. We have welcomed many excellent guest blogs from other experts in different areas of the health and wellness fields, as well. To all of these people, we express our great thanks for their contributions. Along the way this blog has evolved, including the addition of one of our most popular categories, Healthy Recipes. We've heard from numerous folks about how much they love the recipes! Both this blog and our fabulous weekly radio show, The Essentials of Healthy Living, are ways that we are happy and proud to be able to serve our customers some extra helpings of information about health and wellness. We hope you enjoy reading and listening to these resources as much as we like being able to provide them.