2 Reasons You Need to Start Exercising... NOW!

Need a reason to start exercising? Well, here are two: A recent Cornell University study found that post-menopausal woman who were sedentary for 11 hours a day faced a 12% hike in premature mortality compared to those who were sedentary for 4 hours or less per day. And according to World Health Organization, physical activity is listed fourth as a major risk factor for chronic disease, after high blood pressure, tobacco use, and high cholesterol. Walking, running, yoga, hiking, dancing... the list is endless. Find something you love to do and do it! In a post 3 years, ago Debi Silber, the Mojo coach, wrote about the excuses we make that prevent us from exercising, and she made no bones about what she thought of excuses. She suggested the following: "You can keep making excuses or you can finally get results. You can take yourself out or you can throw yourself in. You can live a life filled with health, vitality, abundance and joy... or not. The choice is always yours. What will you choose? "I’d start by finding ways to overcome every obstacle I mentioned above and others I didn’t mention that have been holding you back from a life of health and fitness. Then, I’d just start - if you have health issues, check with your doctor first and then simply get going. Doing something for even 10 minutes today may be more than what your body has been doing for a while, so just start and build from there. If you need some help, find a certified personal trainer you resonate with, online exercise tips, read quality health/fitness magazines, tune into your local fitness channel or simply lace up and head outside" JUST START!! Photo from here, with thanks.