Why We Have Obese Children

Posted on by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach

I walked into the room where my kids were watching TV. Within a few short minutes, I was bombarded with commercials for highly sugared, highly processed nutrient-void “sub foods.” These commercials promised fun, friendship and a way into the “in crowd.” What’s the REAL promise our children can count on?
  • A future of obesity.
  • Insulin resistance, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and more.
  • A lack of confidence because of the way they look and feel.
  • A lower self-esteem because they’re not comfortable speaking up, stepping up and being a part of things that would help build their inner strength.
  • Looks of disgust, judgment, gossip as well as isolation from those who have their opinions and share their opinions openly.
  • Missed opportunities because they’re sitting on the sidelines vs. getting on the field.
Yes, I know these commercials work. Just look at the numbers of overweight and obese children today to see how well you’re selling your products. It’s not your marketing I question... it’s your priorities. I’m not singling out one company. I’m calling out ALL OF YOU. You can go from being the villain to the hero if you simply used your marketing dollars toward research and development to create a healthier product for our children. You’d have more supporters than you’d know how to deal with. There’s an army of capable health experts who’d help you redesign the nutrient profile of your “top sellers.” There’s an army of parents willing to buy them. Most importantly, there’s an army of children who need their health, happiness and lives turned around and you can help. Please consider this your call to action. Many of you have children and you’d only want the best for them. This is impossible if they don’t have the health, confidence and happiness they need to live the lives they’re meant to live. So dear readers of this post, what’s YOUR experience or input with this? What can we do? I’d love to know, comment and please share!