Why is Green Living Important?

Posted on by Steve Stillwater

There are plenty of reasons offered for going green. But I just want to focus here on three of them. I think all three are very good reasons: one is environmental, one is geo-political/patriotic, and the last is very practical 1) Living green is the right thing to do. Conserving energy resources that we know are finite (oil and gas supplies, etc.) will help to create a world in which most of our energy supply comes from renewable sources. Further, bringing those renewable supplies roughly in balance with energy demand will create a far more sustainable world. At that point, we no longer need to extract and burn fossil fuels because we are relying on renewable sources 2) Making the country more energy independent and reducing the need to import energy, especially fossil fuels from abroad, will help us eliminate our dependence on energy sources that are unstable or unfriendly. This particularly includes the Middle East, where a cartel operates that will always conspire to drive up prices we pay. 3) Saving money, making your budget go a lot farther, is a very practical benefit. Everyone has to pay for energy and clean water. Saving energy and water will save you money, and the amount of money saved can be substantial. I think that saving $1,000 per year is a reasonable target for most families. I can’t speak for everyone else, but $1,000 every year represents an important addition to my disposable income. There you have it: three good reasons to live greener and more sustainably. You may have other reasons.