Where Weight Loss Goes Wrong

Posted on by Jared Rice

There is no shortage of diet books, weight loss programs, shake diets, cleanse protocols, exercise plans and DVD box sets selling the answer to your weight loss goals. The promise of shedding those extra pounds you’re carrying around, and doing it fast, is something that cannot be ignored. But those pounds that have been added on gradually over 10 years, 20 years or even 30 at a rate of maybe a few pounds per year... they don’t want to come off so fast. Annoyingly enough, slow and steady wins the race here too. But there’s another issue here. The diet plans themselves. They may be effective at promoting weight loss. I can’t argue that. They may even tout dietary and lifestyle habits that are actually good for you long-term! Go figure. But as long as we’re following a plan, a “diet,” we’re often not actually learning and building long-term habits. A diet has a beginning and an end. And so often coinciding with those milestones are the losing and subsequent regaining of weight. We need a shift in mindset. As soon as you recognize the habits you’re practicing on the diet as new permanent parts of your lifestyle, you’ll begin to realize and maintain your goal weight.