What's Eating Your Child?

Posted on by Margo Gladding

If your child suffers from frequent mood swings, ear infections, eczema, allergies, attention issues, or other developmental problems, then we have a must-read book for you! Written by well respected nutritionist Kelly Dorfman, What's Eating Your Child? reveals the hidden connections between nutrition and chronic childhood ailments while giving parents simple, straightforward tools to understand and solve your children's problems. Hot off the press and available at Village Green, What's Eating Your Child? is grounded in cutting-edge science and filled with many case studies that show that what children eat affects how they thrive. You will also find in-depth information on:
  • The surprising problems caused by gluten-intolerance
  • Why artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar
  • Why soy milk is a poor substitute for cow's milk
  • How to address sleep disorders with melatonin, hyperactivity with magnesium, and anxiety with fish oil
  • How to implement and recalibrate your children's diets
  • How talk with a doctor about nutrition
  • Why to choose organic
  • How to pick quality vitamins, minerals, probiotics and supplements
  • And, how to get your children off medications such as antiobiotics, laxatives, Prozac, and Ritalin - and back to a natural state of well-being.
Based out of the Washington, DC area, Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND, is a nutritionist who specializes in working with children. She has served, by governor appointment, on the Maryland Board of Dietetic Practice, has consulted for WebMD, and has been a go-to authority on nutrition for The Washington Post. She is a sought-after lecturer who speaks around the country. We are very excited to have Kelly as our special guest on our "Essentials of Healthy Living" radio show on Sunday, June 5th. Tune in from 10-11am on AM 1500 Federal News Radio (WFED) or listen live on the web to hear this not-to-be missed interview.