Village Green Celebrates 1,000 Blogs!

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

bloggingSince we started this blog just over 5 years ago, we have written 999 blogs with topics ranging from beauty to green living, from to stress to exercise. The goal for the Village Green Blog was, and continues to be, to provide information on current events related to all aspects of health. We hope that you have enjoyed the last 999 blogs, and tune in for the next 999. Here is a look at some of the earliest blogs we posted, that are still applicable today! Lower Lipids Naturally: Dr. James Brodsky takes a look at how to manage cholesterol using holistic methods. Dr. Brodsky practices in Chevy Chase and his focus includes preventive aspects of health care utilizing complementary and alternative methods, integrative concepts, functional medicine, and nutritional healing. Harmful Chemicals in Shampoo: Beth Ritchie, a green living expert, looks at what ingredients to avoid when you are buying shampoo, or any personal care product. Eating in Season: If you want to get the most flavor and nutrition from your fruits and veggies, eat seasonally and locally! Not All Supplements Are Created Equally: Read this article about the four things you should look for when choosing ANY supplement. Fat Versus Muscle: Debi Silber, aka the Mojo Coach, gives you the lowdown on what fat really looks like in this short and informative video. Photo from here, with thanks.