Village Green Apothecary – 50 Years Old!

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18-VGA_50th Marc Isaacson, Irv Rosenberg, and Gail Isaacson - past and present owners of Village Green Apothecary (formerly The Apothecary).
Village Green Apothecary's actual, exact 50th anniversary date was November 22. So last Sunday, 50 years later to the day, we had a big party to celebrate this big anniversary and were honored by the presence of Irv Rosenberg, one of the original founders of The Apothecary. We’ve posted a photo album of pictures from our celebration – check it out! How did we get to this point? On November 22, 1965, two dedicated pharmacists named Mickey Weinstein and Irv Rosenberg opened a store called The Apothecary in Bethesda, MD. Their many years of experience in nutritional pharmacology had inspired them to establish a special place where people could benefit from the best of both traditional and alternative healthcare. The Apothecary was one of a very few pharmacies in the Washington area that offered an alternative approach to healing, focusing on improving health through diet and lifestyle changes, and nutritional supplements, rather than through conventional medicine alone. Mickey and Irv called themselves “nutritional pharmacists” and The Apothecary was known as a place where customers came in search of supplements, homeopathic remedies, herbs and information on health and nutrition. Mickey and Irv were generous with their time and knowledge and were known for offering free nutritional counseling to their customers. The Apothecary also filled traditional pharmacy prescriptions, as well as less conventional scripts for specialized compounded formulas that did not contain the added colorings, fillers, binders and sweeteners often found in products made by drug companies. This service was not very common or readily available through other pharmacies at the time. Now, all these years later, Village Green Apothecary still holds to these values first put forth by Mickey and Irv, and we are continuing to spread the word. We passionately believe that each person deserves their own personalized plan for protecting and improving their own special health conditions and needs. Our goal is to help change the healthcare system from one based on treatment of disease, to one that works actively to promote good health, and prevent disease. We are extremely appreciative of all our wonderful customers – including some of you who have been with us for 20, 30, or more years! Some of our staff members have been with us that long, too. Thank you, Mickey and Irv! Here’s to another 50 years!