Try a Natural Approach to Sinus Issues

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

At Village Green Apothecary we often get asked about prescription medications and natural alternatives. Questions about sinus issues are common around this time of year, including about contraindications with natural approaches such as our Sinus Survival products and prescription medications. While it is generally safe for most people to take both prescribed medications and Sinus Survival products, many have found that one downside of prescriptions like Nasonex and Nasacort is that these meds make them feel tired or drugged-up, plus they have experienced rebound effects. Rebound effects are when your symptoms come back, perhaps even stronger, after you've used a drug for a period of time or stopped taking it. If you have struggled with chronic sinus issues and have been taking prescription drugs for them unsuccessfully, it may be time to talk to your doctor about trying something different. Dr. Rav Ivker, author and founder of Sinus Survival, would say to always try a natural approach first, and if that doesn’t work, then move on to other options. But, if you tried medications first, it's definitely not too late to try a natural approach. A good way to keep track of how you feel is to write it down. Keep a journal about how you feel while using whatever products you are taking now. Note how you feel immediately after taking them, an hour later, and then 4 to 5 hours after that. Do your sinuses burn, do they feel inflamed, do you feel tired, have memory recall issues, or feel like you’re walking around in a daze? Are your sinus symptoms better? At what point do you start feeling allergy or other sinus problems returning? If you don't like what you have discovered, here is a new approach to try. To prevent allergies take 2 Pathway Grape Seed Extract capsules per day, and if you're still experiencing minor symptoms, take 3 to 4 AllerDx to help them subside. Grape seed builds a natural histamine in the body after about 2 weeks (take in the a.m. on an empty stomach). Also, if taken daily, Sinus Survival Allercide can help open sinuses, plus it’s a natural antihistamine. If you need a spray to keep your nose moist and to help keep you from getting a dry headache, Herbal Nasal Spray is a gentle but effective product. Try this protocol for 2 weeks without your sinus medications or conventional over-the-counter products and write down how you feel. If you have an allergy attack, take AllerDx and time yourself. After 10 minutes, how do you feel? How about after 30 minutes? It takes 2 weeks for the Grape Seed Extract and Allercide to make a real difference, but every few days write down how you are feeling and track the changes. When you compare your journal notes over time, what has worked best for you? For more information about Sinus Survival, contact us at Village Green Apothecary. Photo from here, with thanks.