Supporting Eye Health

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Recently my husband and I went to the optometrist to have our yearly eye examinations. I walked away with 20/20 and my husband walked away with a new prescription for glasses. Although I believe that genetics plays a big role in my “perfect” vision, studies have also shown that certain foods can help strengthen vision and possibly prevent eye disorders like cataracts. Berries such as cherries, blueberries, cranberries and strawberries contain powerful natural chemicals that help fight oxidative damage, especially when the berries are combined. Lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that are found in Brussels sprouts, kale and egg yolks, have been studied for their beneficial role in the health of the macula of the eye. They have been shown to protect the eyes from developing age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. To make things simpler for my husband, who at best, will sometimes wolf down a banana, I gave him a complete eye formula supplement that was easy to take and contained all the antioxidants to help support and protect his vision. Now, I don’t think he will be throwing away his glasses, but with a little help he may be able to maintain his vision and protect against other common eye diseases.