Supplements You Shouldn't Live Without

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

This past Friday, Dr. Oz told his viewers what supplements he takes. Not surprisingly, they align very well with what Village Green Apothecary has been saying for years. He particularly targeted women over 40. The supplements he recommends are: 1. Mutlivitamin: Only 1% of the population gets enough essential nutrients from diet alone, so a comprehensive multivitamin/mineral should be part of everyone's routine. Divided doses are better because you get the most out of them. 2. Calcium: Important for muscles, teeth and bones, many women are not getting enough of this important nutrient. Add magnesium to calcium and you have an important foundation for strong bones. The best way to get calcium is a combination of food sources and supplements. 3. Vitamin D3: We have written countless blogs about this vitamin. You name it, and vitamin D3 does it or helps it... and apparently it even improves orgasm quality. Who knew? Take at least 1000IU per day with something that contains fat, for optimal absorption. 4: Omega 3: Important for heart, brain and many other organs, this essential fatty acid is also short in most people's diets. Available as liquid and softgels, there is no excuse not to take it. Make sure you buy a reputable brand. So, now you know what Dr. Oz says, take a look at what Village Green has been saying for years about our CORE supplements. The difference is that we also recommend probiotics for digestive health and a healthy immune system. I think Dr. Oz could learn a thing from us too! What supplements do you think are important?