Study: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Gluten- and Casein-Free Diets

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

If you have a child who is on the autism spectrum disorder, you should read this interview with Laura Cousino Kelin, PhD. She discusses the results of her study, which looks at the effectiveness of gluten-free (protein found in wheat) and casein-free (protein found in milk) diets for children with autism spectrum disorder. If you find going gluten-free and casein-free a daunting task, do not let it discourage you from trying it. The availability of casein- and gluten-free foods has increased substantially over the years and they are readily available at your local grocery store. Reading labels is also important, as these two ingredients can be hidden in things like soy sauce, salad dressings, and even spaghetti sauce. To learn more about Dr. Klein’s findings, click here to read the full interview.