Village Green's Sinus Survival Program: The Allergy-Free Zone

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Are you suffering from allergies with symptoms such as bad sinus congestion and watery, burning eyes? Do you rely on conventional medication like over-the-counter remedies that just mask the symptoms and temporarily cure them? Allergies play a significant role in contributing to chronic sinusitis for at least half of the 40 million sinus sufferers. A genetic predisposition, a dysfunctional or hyperreactive immune system, airborne allergens (pollen, mold, animal dander, dust mites, chemical exposures, etc.) and emotional factors are primary triggers for precipitating allergy symptoms. Well, you don't have to feel burned out and lethargic by getting sinus infections any more. You can find relief by creating an allergy-free zone, following these three steps.
  1. Creating healthy indoor air
  2. Building allergy immunity
  3. Quick action to address allergy symptoms
To learn how to do this, sign up for a FREE Silver Membership to the Sinus Survival Program. The free membership offers you a quick-fix guide for sinusitis, Dr. Ivker's free learning tutorials, money saving coupons, and more – a wealth of information about Dr. Ivker's natural and holistic approach to treating chronic sinusitis. We will be posting a series of informative videos on YouTube. The first one is about our Allergy Bundle, which is on sale now for $39.99 (savings of $22.86). The Allergy Bundle includes three Sinus Survival remedies – Pathway OPC Grape Seed Extract, Pathway Allergy Support, and AllerDX.