NEW! Village Green Offers Direct-to-Consumer Lab Testing

Lab testing can help people understand a lot about their health.

We field a lot of questions from customers who are seeking more comprehensive lab testing than they are able to get through their doctor(s). Ongoing or unresolved medical issues often drive customers to want a more in-depth look into various areas of their health such as digestion, toxin levels, hormone balance, thyroid health, or nutrient status. But, many people also just want to stay on top of their health and wellness and desire advanced lab testing on a regular basis.

Whether you are trying to get to the root cause of your symptoms or simply want to learn more about your body, lab testing can provide important insights into your health. Understanding your genetic predisposition, unique biochemistry, and physiologic functioning allows for a deeper understanding of your health, possible risk factors, and underlying causes of illness. Best of all, it allows for a personalized approach to your health and wellness.

Village Green's New Lab Tests

Village Green is excited to expand our lab offerings to now include a wide variety of specialty tests and functional lab panels that you can easily order through our website and have sent to your home. Examples include adrenal stress testing, food sensitivity testing, men’s wellness and women’s wellness panels, an advanced thyroid analysis, brain chemistry panel, and a minerals and toxic metals hair analysis. We have partnered with an excellent lab distributor to be able to provide you with the best possible pricing on all labs.

And, when you order tests from Village Green Apothecary, our nutrition experts can help you interpret your test results and recommend a plan that includes diet, lifestyle, and supplement suggestions. For every test that you order through our website, you will receive a complimentary email assessment summary of your results.

Further Follow-Ups

If you would like a more thorough analysis of your test results, you may wish to schedule a consultation with a Village Green nutritionist, naturopathic doctor, or health advisor. We also recommend you share your results with your healthcare practitioner. Plus, there's one more good thing – all lab tests through Village Green are being offered at a 15% discount!

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