National Allergy Month: Tips to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

May is National Allergy Month. It seems that this year has been especially tough on people who suffer from allergies and asthma. You may not be able to do much for allergens outside, but here are four simple tips that you can do to help reduce allergens in your home. 1. If you are working in your yard, keep your shoes outside and change your clothes once you come in. Taking a shower and washing your hair will also help get rid of outside allergens. Do not go to bed without showering! 2. Pets are exposed to the same allergens we are, so wash your hands after petting or handling your furry friend. Vacuum and clean frequently. If your allergies are severe, getting rid of carpets and rugs may be something to consider. Hardwood, laminate and tiles are easier to clean and do not trap allergens as easily as carpet fibers. 3. Get rid of dust mites. Use pillow and mattress covers and wash your linens in hot water. If your child has a lot of stuffed animals, you can stick them in the freezer overnight to reduce dust mites. 4. Avoid mold by keeping your house dry. Using a dehumidifier is a simple solution that can greatly reduce the chance of mold. Have a wonderful spring!