My 3 Must-Have Natural Beauty Products

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

lavenderWe can easily be seduced by promises of longer lashes, less wrinkles and smoother skin, and then end up with drawers full of useless stuff! The three products below are my favorite natural beauty products. They are tried and true, and some may even sound "old school," but they work even without a movie star endorsement. They have multiple purposes, are inexpensive, and are great for your skin. Coconut Oil: The current darling of the health food industry, coconut oil does it all. Not only can you cook with it, it can soften skin too. For some it may be too rich to use as a facial moisturizer, but it is an ideal body moisturizer. Massage it into parched winter skin, such as legs after shaving, or dry elbows. It also doubles as a makeup remover. Slather it on, then remove with a warm washcloth or cotton pads. Tip: I buy a large container of organic coconut oil and separate it into jars with tight-fitting lids, then place them in all the bathrooms and leave some in the kitchen, too. Sweet Almond Oil: When my kids were born, this is what I used after a bath instead of any other moisturizer. It is made by pressing almond kernels and is used widely as an ingredient in cosmetics, but can also be used topically on its own. If you want a light moisturizer, sweet almond oil may be for you. It absorbs easily and promotes skin health. It’s also suitable for blemish-prone skin because it will not clog pores. Want the look of natural, buffed nails? Skip the clear nail polish. Instead give your nails some natural shine by working sweet almond oil into your nails and cuticles after filing and buffing. For dry hair, work a few drops between your hands and gently smooth over your hair. This will help give your hair a beautiful gloss. Lavender Essential Oil: The smell of lavender reminds me of high-end spas and instantly makes me feel luxurious. Lavender oil is extracted from the lavender flower. And although it is natural, it is potent and may not be for everyone. Essential oils should always be diluted with water or a carrier oil check the bottle’s specific instructions to determine exact dosages. Lavender oil has many benefits including antiseptic properties (it may help fight acne), as well as relaxation properties because of its scent. Make a calming bath by mixing a few drops with your favorite carrier oil (sweet almond oil) and add this to warm bathwater. To make a moisturizer, add a few drops into sweet almond oil for a subtly scented moisturizer or massage oil. For a face spray that relaxes, mix a few drops with water in a spray bottle and mist on your face. This is perfect before bed. Photo from here, with thanks.