Let's Talk About Relationships and Health

Posted on by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach

friendsWho are you spending your time with? Have you considered the connection between your relationships and health? If you’re listening to people who are negative, critical, pessimistic and judgmental, can you be surprised when you feel deflated, depleted and uninspired? Notice how you feel once this negativity is dumped on you. Not only does it impact you mentally and emotionally, it impacts you physically too! Negative people or “energy vampires” create stress, which suppresses the immune system. When your immune system is suppressed, you’re not as able to fight off invaders like bacteria, viruses, etc. With a suppressed immune system, you’re less resistant to illness and disease. I work with many clients who are struggling with stress-related issues ranging from sleep problems to digestive issues, to adrenal fatigue, to chronic pain, hormone/cycle issues, irritability, and so much more. I’m always amazed when these brave and bold people are able and willing to work on aspects within their relationships. They change their perspectives, they look at their relationships differently, the stress lifts, and they begin to heal as a result. I’m not saying this is easy, but it’s often the necessary piece needed to take your health and life to the next level. Think about it – while you may be learning from those who’ve been kind, loving and supportive, it’s often the people who hurt you the most who taught you the most as well. There is a benefit to that pain you’ve experienced and it’s this... there was a seed of greatness that was planted in its wake. By taking that seed of greatness and using it to become stronger, wiser and better, it makes it easier to fathom why you may have been put through the pain in the first place. Wisdom is earned, an inner strength is created, and it’s those troubling relationships that often have us gain the most wisdom because of what they caused us to think, do and become as a result. It may be a while until you’re ready to look in a different way at those who’ve hurt you, but if you consider that they’ve given you that seed of greatness as payback for the pain they caused, it may help. Now what you do with that seed is completely up to you. Some don’t even notice or realize it’s there, while others water it, nurture it and use that seed to grow an entire forest! Wishing you a magnificent forest grown from the seeds of greatness planted within you at this very moment. Photo from here, with thanks.