Keeping an Open Mind

Posted on by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach

open-mindHope you’re having a great week. Here’s today’s tip: stay flexible and keep an open mind. Being open to new ideas, avoiding rigidity and allowing the possibility of doing things differently can put you on a path even better than the one you’d imagined. When we stay rigid and inflexible we can let newer, better and more interesting opportunities pass us by. Sure, you may have done things a certain way for so long, but sometimes it’s worth taking an objective look and asking yourself, “How’s that working for me?” For example, maybe you’ve been exercising the same way for years – but are you getting the results you want? Maybe you’ve had certain rules and ideas about parenting. Now that your kids are older, do those rules need to be reevaluated and updated? You’ve been managing your workday the same way for years. Would a different method serve you better? Hanging on to old ideas, habits and beliefs may be cutting you off from learning, growing, evolving and enjoying something different and even better than you’d planned. Take the next few days to objectively look at your routine, your habits, your look, etc., and give yourself the gift of allowing a little flexibility to take things in a new and exciting direction. Think about it – things that are rigid and inflexible tend to break, while things that are a bit more flexible and pliable have the ability to bend. Are your current habits leading you toward breaking or is a little flexibility in order? Only you know, and you know by how you feel and the results that present themselves. Have you become a bit more flexible in an area and has it led to new growth, opportunities and more? We’d love to know, comment and share! Photo from here, with thanks.