Is Your Workout Working?

Posted on by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach

I’ve found that many people have the best of intentions when it comes to exercise, but it’s one of the easiest ideas that we dismiss. One reason why people often fall off track is because they feel guilty giving themselves any type of self care. They’ll only take care of themselves once everyone else is cared for and by that time they’ve lost their motivation because they’re exhausted, frustrated or at their wit's end. Time for exercise easily gets replaced with extra chores or obligations which manage to be squeezed into our overly extended schedule. Another reason why exercise isn’t part of a routine is because it’s done sporadically. Benefits aren’t felt or seen so motivation drops quickly. Many people just haven’t found a routine that works for them. They either go for the “all or nothing,” join a club that’s inconvenient or begin a routine they don’t enjoy. Finding it too difficult to stay with, enjoy or get to is an easy reason to give up. One thing I always suggest is to write exercise into your book/planner as an appointment. Just as you’d respect an appointment, writing it down as one ensures you’ll take the time because you’ve allowed for it and made it a priority. I also suggest working out in the morning, if possible. You typically have more control over your time, and exercise will be less likely to be bounced off the list as other necessary tasks creep up throughout the day. Need my help? I’ve helped hundreds of others create the body they thought they’d never have again. I’d be honored to help you get there now.