IQYOU and the Power of Personalization

Posted on by Margo Gladding

iqyou-full-colorIn my opinion, one-size-fits-all medicine is not the best approach for promoting optimal health. Because we are all biochemically and genetically unique, we have different needs and would benefit most from a personalized approach to healthcare. By uncovering the root causes and factors impacting your health, you can take a more active role in improving your health. As a nutritionist, one of the main reasons I recommend the IQYOU health tool is because it can help people take ownership of their health. It can identify key areas to focus on and alert you to your risks, as well as what you can do to reduce your risks. IQYOU is personalization at its best, in that the more input you provide, the more specific the recommendations will be. The scientific backbone of IQYOU is an artificial intelligence platform that uses medical studies, clinical studies, prescription data, nutrition, lifestyle and DNA data, plus many other data points to provide users with customized recommendations for diet, supplements, detoxification, lifestyle and exercise. Another cutting-edge feature of IQYOU is that it also recommends specific labs tests it deems important to your health. For example, it may recommend a comprehensive thyroid panel or a vitamin D test. If you order your tests through the IQYOU portal, then the results automatically get entered and factored into your recommendations. You also have the ability to order your own lab tests that you would like to have run. And, if you have past lab results that you want to enter in manually, the system can accommodate and factor them in, too. I invite you to check out IQYOU and discover for yourself this revolutionary approach to personalized healthcare. Knowing your body’s exact needs, disease risks, and nutrient deficiencies sets you on a path toward longevity and wellness.