Initiating Fitness

Posted on by Jim Fox

Have you been overwhelmed lately by the speed with which many changes have manifested in your life? Instead of feeling like a victim trying to adjust to each dramatic change coming at you, why don't you empower yourself by creating change within yourself? A very old tradition of medicine called Ayurveda states, "Heal Thyself." A good first step in this process would be to check in on your physical state by evaluating your health and fitness routine. Are you participating in some type of cardiovascular exercise 3-7 times per week? Do you perform some type of weight-bearing exercise routine 2-3 times per week? Are you eating a balanced diet and taking supplements to reach an optimum state of health? If your analysis of these questions was not favorable, then it's time to initiate a well-rounded health and fitness program that's good for the mind and body. Yoga instructor and researcher, Mary Lou Galantino, suggests that incorporating activities that include physical, psychological, and spiritual components are the most successful at improving holistic fitness. Where do you start? Consultation with a health professional such as a nutritionist, personal trainer, or doctor would be a good start and could give you solid recommendations for your program. An excellent source for fitness information is The American Council on Exercise (ACE, There are many helpful tools located on this site, including research articles and exercises, as well as a personal trainer locator. Good luck and be well.