I'm How Old?! The Real Age Test

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

I am guessing that most people know about Dr. Oz. If you don't, he is the guy on television who takes the mystery out of how our bodies work, on The Dr. Oz show. He is a huge proponent of healthy eating, supplementation and most important, awareness of how our bodies work. Well, he also has this nifty tool called the Real Age Test. This "test" quizzes you on everything from how much fruit you eat per day to how happy you are in your relationships. It also addresses, smoking, sun exposure, family history, and supplement intake, as well as how often you visit your family doctor. Once it calculates your answers, you get your "real age," which is the biological age of your body based on over 100 factors - many that you control. So I took the test and I was older than my numerical age. I am not going to tell you either number but after getting over my initial shock and disappointment, I went over the reasons that my age was higher than I had hoped. Here they are, for all the world to see: 1. I do no floss enough. Easily remedied. 2. Stress - new house, new baby, new city, and some very untimely losses have made the 12 months stressful and tough. However, things are improving and I have made new friends who have helped make the transition easier. 3. Not exercising enough and not having enough flexibility. I used to be a fitness fanatic, but I have let it fall to the wayside. I do know that I have to make time to exercise. I always feel better after I work out, and it would help with #2. I might even schedule in a yoga class. 4. Not having a pet. Long story short, we lost our beloved pet 4 months ago, leading to more of #2. 5. Not enough fruits and veggies. Being a nutritionist, this one is particularly sad and pathetic. (Do as I say, not as I do.) Now, it wasn't all bad. I got points for driving the speed limit, taking my vitamins and supplements, eating fish, having a healthy BMI and having wonderful family genes. So, I am going to improve on each of those 5 points and retake the test in 3 months. Maybe, I will be 25 again! If you take the test and want some advice on how to improve your diet, incorporate supplements into your day and improve your overall lifestyle, contact Village Green and one of our nutritional consultants will help you.