How “Fit” is YOUR Lifestyle?

Posted on by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach

You know, to become fit, healthy and happy from the inside out requires not just a fit body, but a fit mind. That means all aspects of your life are fit, healthy and whole. So often we only work on becoming nutritionally “fit” or physically “fit,” but what about your stress level, your emotions, your relationships and your spirituality? These are some of the lifestyle issues which keep us from optimal health, wellness and success. Think about how you handle your stress or the types of relationships you may have. Are they rewarding and enriching, or toxic and destructive? I’ve worked with many people who eat well and exercise, yet it was only when they improved their lifestyle issues, did they achieve radiant health, wellness, success and happiness. Picture a jug of water with many punctured holes in it. While we can plug up one hole by eating better and another with exercise, the jug will still leak water if those other holes aren’t plugged up. Those are your lifestyle issues, and one is no more important than the next. They’re all crucial if you want to be truly fit - from the inside, out. So, how “fit” is YOUR lifestyle? I’d love to know!