Homeopathy for Boo-Boos!

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

As I have written before, the homeopathic remedy arnica montana is a staple in our house, and even more-so now that my son is 2 and fearless, which results in many bumps and bruises. But there are other homeopathic remedies that can be beneficial for an injury. Keep in mind that conventional treatment for injuries, like ice, compression and elevation, x-rays and castings are important, and in no way does homeopathy take the place of these treatments. What homeopathy does is add to the level of treatment. Here is a quick guide to some homeopathic remedies to help with injuries. Hypericum: This is homeopathic St. John's Wort and is used for nerve injuries. Think cuts to the fingertips or lips, areas that are rich in nerve endings. Even injuries to the spinal cord can benefit from hypericum. Ledum: This one is great for puncture wounds. For example, if you stepped on a nail then you would want to take ledum (you may also need a tetanus shot!). Cantharis: This one is good for burns (even bladder infections, where the feeling of burning is a main symptom). Calendula tincture: Made from marigolds, this can be applied to a wound and helps with cleansing and promotes healing. Symphytum: Also known as "knitbone," this homeopathic remedy should be taken after a fracture. It will help "knit" the bones back together. Homeopathic remedies are inexpensive and a great addition to any first-aid kit. For doses, please contact the pharmacy at 1-800-869-9159 and we can help.