We're Here to Help You – Introducing Your New Personal Chef

Posted on by Marc Isaacson, President, Village Green Apothecary

chef2It can be frustrating trying to figure out which foods to eat to stay healthy. Which foods should you avoid and which ones are right for you and your family? Do you get in a rut making the same things over and over? It can be taxing just trying to figure out what to prepare. Whether you’re single or a busy parent, it’s the same issue: you need simple, easy-to-make meals that are nutritious. After all, it is true – you are what you eat. If we all ate really well all the time, it is more likely that we would feel fantastic! Now, what if you could have your own personal chef, if you had someone to provide daily recipes designed specifically for your needs? We’re all biochemically different and we all have unique nutritional needs. If your chef proposed simple meals that were nutritious, delicious and addressed your unique needs, that might be a load off your mind. It could save you time, and could also fill a huge void in your personal nutrition. While it sounds almost too good to be true, we have a new way to serve up this unique solution. Specific to your personal chef, we’ve just introduced a new online program called IQYOU, an online smart tool that can help people create their own individualized nutritional supplement program. An additional benefit is all of the personalized foods and recipes that will be available to you. When you create your unique health profile, IQYOU will offer specific foods and delicious recipes to provide you with the right nutrition. IQYOU is powered by over 30,000 medical and research studies to supply solutions, including integrating with the Worlds Healthiest Foods website to give you a selection of recipes. Here’s an example. If your health profile shows that you need more calcium and iron, IQYOU will deliver recipes to meet those needs. If you have questions regarding your nutrition, supplements or health needs, we’re here to help with our email support, telephone support, Ask the Expert service, and in-person or telephone consultations with our nutritionists. We’re doing our best to make it easy for you to be healthy! The IQYOU community is waiting to introduce you to a better way of living. If you’re interested, click here to get started. Why not join our personal health revolution today! Photo from here, with thanks.