Help Prevent Migraines With Butterbur

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

Doctors from the American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society say there are seven prescription medicines and one herbal remedy that have been shown to make a difference in preventing migraine headaches. The guidelines, which are based on research evidence from 29 migraine prevention studies, found that prescription anti-seizure drugs, blood pressure drugs, and an over-the-counter herb called petasites, more commonly known as butterbur, can help. Butterbur can have profound physiologically-altering effects, but does so in a subtle fashion that requires sustained supplementation for longer periods of time. The most prominent studies were 12 weeks long, and were double-blind and placebo-controlled involving 128 people. Butterbur proved to be quite effective with patients who experienced as much as a 60% drop in frequency of migraine attacks compared to the placebo group. Other improvements in the petasites group included a reduction in the duration and intensity of such attacks, as well as a decrease in migraine-associated symptoms. To learn more about butterbur and its benefits, please contact Village Green Apothecary or email us through Ask the Expert.