Exercise Leads to Better Night's Sleep

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

If you struggle with getting a good night's sleep, you may want to add some exercise to your daily routine. We all know that a good night's sleep is important for overall health. But trying to get some good quality zzz's remains elusive for many. There are many drugs and supplements that promise a restful night, and for many these help...but a recent study in the journal Mental Health and Physical Activity was able to show a direct link between regular physical activity and quality of sleep. Researchers found that mental alertness during the day was also improved. The study looked at 2,600 men and women, and those that were active at least 150 minutes per week had a 65% decrease in feelings of being sleepy during the day, a 68% reduced likelihood of having leg cramps while sleeping, and a 45% decrease in having difficulty concentrating when tired. So if you are having a hard time winding down, try incorporating 20 to 30 minutes of walking, running, aerobics or whatever you like, into your day. Sweet dreams!