EBook Excerpt: Home Energy Consumption Breakdown

Posted on by Steve Stillwater

Here is the next in our weekly series of excerpts from the EBook, “6 Weeks to a Greener Lifestyle.” See the note at the end of this post for more information. — Paula What are the biggest consumers of energy and resources in and around the home? On average, most homes existing within modern industrialized nations will use their energy in approximately the following percentages: · Heating - 31% · Cooling - 12% · Water heating - 12% · Lighting - 11% · Computers and electronics - 9% · Appliances - 9% · Refrigeration/freezing - 8% · Other - 8% This data indicate that improvements in the efficiency of these various areas of the home will automatically lower costs. Many of the improvements that lead to a "greener" home can be made without a lot of out-of-pocket expense. How? It all begins with something called the "home energy audit," which we will start to explore in more detail next week. Before we forge ahead, however, let's remember that we are looking at a 6-week process of creating a greener, more resource-efficient lifestyle. The EBook contains a lot of tips, many of which are not difficult to use. Ideas for shopping and recycling will be discussed later, but are examples of things that can be incorporated at any time. As we proceed, though, try to tackle each week's "assignments" to the fullest extent possible. In this way you will get the best results, leading to the establishment of a greener lifestyle as a way of life. Steve Stillwater is passionate about developing a greener lifestyle, and his goal is to show you how to incorporate easy-to-implement green living ideas into your life. He blogs and writes regularly about green living ideas and provides a continuously updated green news feed on his website. For more information or to buy and download the full Ebook, “6 Weeks To A Greener Lifestyle,” just follow this link.