E-book: 6 Weeks to a Greener Lifestyle

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

One of our bloggers at Village Green, Steve Stillwater, has written an EBook entitled, "6 Weeks to a Greener Lifestyle." The book lays out a plan that most people can follow to create a greener lifestyle, including how to conserve water, reduce energy consumption, increase recycling, and reuse many items. In addition to establishing a greener and healthier lifestyle, another happy result is a significant savings of money. We like the book so much at Village Green that we are going to run a series of weekly excerpts here on our blog to give you an idea of what the book contains. If you like what you see, follow the link provided to learn more and, if you choose, buy and download the entire EBook in pdf format. And remember, EBooks are green!

To your greener, healthier lifestyle,