Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

dr-nicholas-gonzalezThe world lost a great man a week ago to an unexpected and sudden cardiac event. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was a New York-based physician known for developing the Gonzalez regimen, an alternative cancer treatment. He was in excellent health otherwise. It is a reminder that the body works in mysterious ways and there is still much to be learned. Dr. Gonzalez worked tirelessly for the health of his patients. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was a leader in individualized nutritional regimens for many types of cancer, as well as other illnesses such as Lyme, allergies, autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue. His protocols included diet, supplements and detoxification to treat different illnesses. He was featured in Suzanne Somers' book Tox-Sick, in which he discussed the origin of cancer, its relationship to toxicity in the gut, and the influence of the intestines, intestinal flora, and liver on our overall health. Ms. Somers references the work of Dr. Gonzalez throughout the book. Village Green was fortunate to have Dr. Gonzalez on our Essentials of Healthy Living radio show just over 2 years ago. Click here to listen to him discuss treating patients diagnosed with cancer and other serious degenerative illnesses.