Dinner Tonight: Kale Salad

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

I belong to an organic produce delivery program, which means that every Tuesday I receive a beautiful assortment of organic fruits and vegetables. It's convenient and a great way to ensure that we are trying new things and getting a variety of goodness in our diets. This week my bin included kale, avocados and carrots, so I made this recipe. It was simple to make and so tasty that it will definitely be part of our meal rotations. I used maple syrup instead of honey (I had just brought some back from a trip to St. Joseph Island, famed up north for their maple syrup) and I used leftover grilled salmon from the night before. I also added radishes and spring onions, which were in my organic bin. Kale is such a nutrient dense food, and I was excited about using it the way I would use a typical salad green like romaine or spinach. It is pumped with iron, B vitamins and calcium. Combined with all the other foods, this meal is packed with vitamins, minerals, and other super nutrients like omega-3!