Children's Health Series

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

children-leavesIn this series, we will be looking at natural approaches for symptoms associated with ADD, ADHD and autism, as well as constipation and allergies in children. We believe that radiant health, energy and vitality occur when we heal the real problem, so we focus on finding the cause of those symptoms. Getting to the root of the problem is the real solution to improving adults' and children's health. Village Green’s wellness counselors, including naturopathic doctors and certified nutritionists, are available for individualized consultations for a personal assessment of your child’s unique situation. Our professionals will: Examine your child’s current lifestyle Review your child’s symptoms Answer questions you may have Evaluate natural remedies and treatments Create an individualized, natural solution with recommendations for you Check back next week to look at our first topic, ADD and ADHD. Photo from here, with thanks.