How to Change Up Your Boring Fitness Routine, Get Noticeable Results

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

reading-at-gym-aIf you find that you have a boring fitness routine, here’s how you can easily change things up and get noticeable results!

Your Boring Running Routine

If your running has become routine and boring – try changing the route you take. Something as simple as a change of scenery can be so inspiring! Throw in some sprints, run with a fitness friend or even use different music from your playlists for different days of the week. It’s all about keeping it interesting, and with just a few changes, your workout can be a lot more fun and motivating.

The Chip Clip Trick

You can even change up the experience by taking your running routine indoors. Use the time to watch your favorite shows or movies – even read using the “chip clip trick.” To use the chip clip trick, just put your book or magazine on the reading rack of your cardio machine (you can also get Lucite reading racks that fit right over the front of your machine). Next, put a chip clip (you know, those big plastic clips made for keeping chip bags closed, or binder clips that you can find in an office supply store) on the left and right pages of your book. The pages stay secure and you can unclip and re-clip the sides as you flip from page to page. It’s great because you’re able to involve yourself in the reading more easily and because of it, stay on the machine. It may take a few tries to make this work, but it’s worth it for the noticeable results you’ll get! Want even more results? Add a few intervals into your run instead of going at a steady pace.

Think about all of those great books you’ll be able to read while getting fit at the same time. It makes you want to get started right now, doesn’t it!

Your Boring Home Workout

If you’ve been bored with your home workouts, first take note of where you’re working out. It’s hardly motivating to workout in a dark, damp or cluttered basement with no ventilation and maybe even a noticeable smell. You may get better results with the same workout if you just take it upstairs.

The Importance of Adequate Air

Adequate ventilation is crucial to your health and well-being while working out! You need plenty of oxygen and if air isn’t moving, chances are good that you won’t be moving either, so make sure you have windows, light, and possibly a fan in the area.

If you’d rather not use equipment like a treadmill, bike, Stairmaster, elliptical, etc. – change up your boring routine by:

  • Working out to a variety of DVD’s
  • Tuning in to your local fitness channel
  • Creating your own boot camp class, using a jump rope for cardio and your own body weight for resistance
  • Downloading podcasts, audio books or custom workouts onto your IPod
  • Working out with a live online class (or other live, online interactive workout options that may interest you)

Creative workouts are more interesting, fun, and motivating – which means you’ll experience more consistency in working out, which always equals more noticeable results!

Your Boring Weight Lifting

Sure dumbbells can get a little boring sometimes. To change up your weight lifting routine try using:

  • A kettle ball
  • A medicine ball
  • Resistance machines
  • Resistance bands
  • Your own body weight as resistance

There are so many great exercises that you can do without any equipment at all! Here are some you may be able to add to your fitness routine for more noticeable results:

  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Step-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Chair dips
  • Planks (or other great core exercises)
  • Kickboxing (just make sure to use correct form to prevent injury)

Remember, whenever you’re trying something new, it’s wise to get a few sessions lined up with a certified personal trainer who can create a program specifically for you based on your goals, preferences, and lifestyle. A personal trainer will teach you the correct form so you can really benefit from each repetition and get the noticeable results you’ve been wanting.

When your fitness routine is boring, you won’t stick to your exercise plan. Your body will get bored and you won’t get noticeable results. But with just a few tweaks to your fitness routine, you can keep workouts creative, fun, motivating, interesting and enjoy all of the benefits that a lean, fit body will give you!

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