Blogs to Help Bring In 2020

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

As we enter 2020 – not only a new year, but a new decade – Village Green Apothecary is here for your health, pharmacy and nutritional needs. We hope to continue to provide all our customers with top notch service and quality products. We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year! These blogs offer some tips to help with bringing in the New Year. From improving your diet or exercise habits, to setting new goals, to dealing with the after-effects of partying a little too hard on New Year's Eve, we've got some ideas for you. Hangover Help: If you have overindulged over the holidays and particularly on New Year's Eve, here are some tips to help ease the pain of the hangover. A Different Approach to Setting Goals: "One More" – Do you set goals, then look forward to the feeling of success when those goals are finally achieved? Setting goals and looking forward to the day you can celebrate reaching your accomplishments can be a great feeling... unless those goals aren’t met. How can you prevent disappointment and the feeling of failure while also ensuring your goals are achieved? First, a look at why goals can be disappointing. The Natural Gym Bag – If one of your resolutions is to get to the gym more, this blog gives you tips on natural items that you should have in your gym bag, from deodorant to pain relievers. 5 Tips to Improve Your Diet – Whether you believe in resolutions or not, making a conscious decision and effort to make healthier choices can always be something we work toward. The following tips are designed to be realistic and long-term, to help improve your diet. You can start off with one and move on to the next when you are ready. Soothe Your GI Tract – This recent blog gave tips to help you feel better after overeating or feasting on foods that you do not eat on a regular basis and that may cause uncomfortable symptoms, such as bloating, gas, heartburn and abdominal pressure. Don’t let indigestion or GI system discomfort put a damper your festivities. These are some of my favorite remedies for easing gas and bloating. Photo from here, with thanks.