Benefits of the Virtual Office: Dramatically Lower Energy Consumption & Carbon Emissions

Posted on by Steve Stillwater

An estimate of the savings and environmental benefits of working from home or using a home office part-time was profiled in the April edition of Inc. Magazine. The study estimated the effects on energy consumption and carbon emissions if everyone who could work from home-about 40% of the work force-did so half of the time.
  • 100 hours per person not spent commuting
  • 50 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions cut
  • 276 million barrels of oil not needed (about 32% of Middle eastern oil imports)
  • 1,500 lives saved from auto accidents
  • $700 billion in total estimated savings to business, including $200 billion in productivity gains and $190 billion in reduced real estate expenses, utility bills, absenteeism, and employee turnover
Add to those benefits three more: less stress, better health, and more time for family. For more tips and information on living a greener lifestyle, check out my website.