Are Your Conditioned Thoughts Holding You Back from Success?

Posted on by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach

Recently, someone said to me “You know Debi, while the lifestyle changes you talk about are simple, they’re not easy.”

So much of what we do each day is the result of ritualistic habit. We barely have to think about so many of the tasks we perform, from which shoe we put on first to the way we brush our teeth. Well, the way we think, feel and act is also the result of habit. If we’re conditioned to thinking negative thoughts, feeling defeated and acting in a way which doesn’t support a healthy lifestyle, changes we hope to make will be more difficult than they need to be. While it may be tricky to start our day by putting on the other shoe first, if we stick with it long enough, eventually it will become natural and easy.

This same approach goes for our thinking. Over time and with consistent effort you can think in a new way which supports your goals. The first step is realizing the old pattern of thinking doesn’t work for you. The next step is coming up with an approach that does.

Which new, healthy habits are you trying to learn?

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