Adrenal Fatigue Testing Through Village Green

Posted on by Margo Gladding

adrenal-fatigueMany people experience the effects of adrenal fatigue on a daily basis. Common symptoms include waking feeling groggy, needing coffee or other caffeinated beverages to keep you going throughout the day, sugar and salt cravings, weight gain, memory problems or foggy thinking, recurrent infections, headaches, depression, or feeling exhausted yet have difficulty falling asleep at night. Adrenal fatigue testing may provide helpful information. Adrenal imbalances can be caused by both chronic and acute stress. While stress is a part of modern life, physical, emotional, mental, and environmental stressors can wreak havoc with body systems and hormones when not handled well. The adrenal glands, which are control organs in the fight-or-flight response, give us resiliency. However, when overtaxed, adrenal exhaustion can occur and lead to a variety of health problems. The myriad of symptoms mentioned above often bring people to visit their doctors, but without the proper testing, adrenal fatigue can be difficult to diagnose and properly treat. Some doctors will perform a blood test to look at your cortisol level, but this just provides a quick snapshot. Because cortisol is a hormone that follows a circadian rhythm, collecting multiple levels is ideal because it provides a more accurate assessment of your adrenal health. Fortunately, there is a great noninvasive salivary test that evaluates the body’s important stress hormones, cortisol and DHEA. Available through Village Green, the Adrenal Stress Profile can be done at home and can help to uncover biochemical imbalances that may be causing your symptoms. Samples collected at four critical time points in one day provide a useful picture of adrenal function. After the lab analyses your results, you will receive copy of your lab report. In addition, a Village Green nutritionist will send you a complimentary brief overview of your test results and some key suggestions for helping your adrenals heal and recover. We highly recommend that you make an appointment with one of our health experts for a more thorough interpretation of your results. During that consultation, you will be given a comprehensive, personalized plan that will focus on diet, exercise, stress reduction techniques, as well as adrenal supportive supplements. All lab tests through Village Green are being offered at a 15% discount! Plus, when you order the Adrenal Stress Profile, you’ll get Free Standard Shipping thru September 30, 2016 (use this code at checkout: AdrenalFS). Photo from here, with thanks.