6 Blogs to Help With Back to School

Posted on by Paula Gallagher

back-to-schoolFor some, school has already started, but for many this is the last week of summer before the schedules, homework and activities start up again. It is a hectic and busy time of year and can be stressful for both kids and parents. From worrying about what to pack for lunch, to wondering what types of germs they are going to be bringing home, these 6 blogs will provide tips, tricks and ideas to make the transition from summer to school a little easier. Healthy School Lunches: We all want healthy meals for our children – but in a busy world, achieving this is sometimes easier said than done. This blog gives you tips on how to make simple healthy choices for your kids' lunches, helping to power them through their busy days. Five Tips For Back-to-School Health: Inevitably kids get sick. Diet, sleep and hygiene all play roles in keeping your kids healthy. Back to School... For Moms The Mojo Coach, Debi Silber, reminds us that there are lots of things that moms – and dads – can do to help make back-to-school easier for everyone. How to Get Rid of Lice Naturally: An unwelcome (and yes, gross) yet all-too-common reality for many parents and their kids. Learn how to get rid of those nasty pests naturally. Back to School: Hand Washing: One of the simplest and most effective ways to stop the spread of colds and other nasty viruses is hand washing... plus four other ways to boost your child's immune system. Healthy Snacks for Kids: Snacks help provide your child with energy needed to support attention, focus and concentration between meals. If given some thought, they can also help to stabilize blood sugar levels and and provide your child with added nutrients throughout the day to support health and well being. Photo from here, with thanks.